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The farm TAFLO specializes in producing, processing and dehydrating vegetables both from conventional and organic agriculture, and offers an innovative range of natural dehydrated products that you can use to prepare speciality dishes and vegetable teas or decoctions.

The drying technology used by TAFLO allows producing dried products having virtually the same nutritional value as fresh vegetables. The AROMY line produced by TAFLO includes dehydrated vegetables for cooking, organic vegetable teas and decoctions, organic vegetable seasonings and BRODO MIO.

AROMY dried vegetables can be used to prepare many different recipes: risotto, soups, broth, quiches, pureed soups, stuffing for fresh pasta, sauces, meat, fish, bakery products, cheese, stew, salads, cakes, beer etc. In addition to dehydrated red radicchio, TAFLO produces dehydrated Savoy cabbage, dehydrated pumpkin, dehydrated celery, dehydrated carrot, dehydrated green asparagus and dehydrated black kale.

TAFLO produces also organic vegetable teas and decoctions that have many beneficial and healing properties.
Red radicchio tea is digestive, depurative and rich in antioxidants, celery tea has diuretic and relaxing properties, the carrot decoction has calming and digestive as well as dermo-protective properties, the asparagus decoction has draining properties, while the artichoke decoction helps detox liver and reduce the cholesterol level in blood.

CHEF AROMY vegetable seasonings are organic dried vegetables in powder form, containing no salt, no preservatives and no additives and suitable for seasoning any kind of dish.

BRODO MIO vegetable broth is the healthy alternative to the traditional bouillon cube and can be prepared the same way as tea. BRODO MIO vegetable broth is a natural ready to use product that contains no preservatives and no additives. It contains only dried vegetables, no glutamate, no salt, no lactose and no hydrogenated fats. It is a gluten free and non-gmo product.

In addition to the AROMY line products, TAFLO produces GLOBAL GAP certified onions and processes them to make 100% pure and natural essential oil of onion, a flavour used by the food industry to aromatize sauces, marinades and many other savoury products.

All the raw materials processed by TAFLO are of Italian origin.

All the AROMY line products are vegan/vegetarian certified, gluten free, lactose-free and non-gmo. The AROMY line products are sold loose or packaged, both retail and wholesale.

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