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ORGANIC vegetable teas and decoctions

Aromy teas and decoctions are made exclusively of organic vegetables and are very rich in beneficial properties

ORGANIC Brodo mio

Brodo mio vegetable broth is the the healthy alternative to the traditional bouillon cube that can be prepared the same way as tea

ORGANIC dehydrated vegetables

You can use Aromy dehydrated vegetables to prepare many different recipes

Aromy new products

Discover our new products...


TAFLO lies in the heart of a flat fertile plain in the North East of Italy, where it is a leader in the production and dehydration of many vegetables, including red radicchio, black kale, pumpkin, asparagus, artichoke and other tasty vegetables largely used in the Italian cuisine. 


At the core of our commitment is the constant development of high quality vegetable products, 100% natural and free from any preservatives and additivesOur aim is to offer those who have little time to cook but still want to eat well, great quality and healthy products. Our products are suitable for everyone, including vegansvegetarians and people with coeliac disease, food intolerance or food allergy. Highest quality production standards and commitment to free-from food are among our key strengths.

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Healthy and colourful recipes… ​Create original and delicious dishes using our amazingly versatile dried products

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