The farm TAFLO lies in the heart of a flat fertile plain in the southern part of the Province of Vicenza, in the North East of Italy. It was founded in 1992 by Ms Lucia Visentin, an agronomist who has always had a passion for the herbal sector and nutrition, and has developed a range of different products over the years: from essential oils through to dried vegetables.

TAFLO has specialized in the cultivation and processing of vegetables. It carefully selects the best vegetable varieties and controls the whole production chain, from raw materials to end products. Thanks to a fully computerized tracking system all the products are traceable from the source.

Collaborating with important research institutes, TAFLO has developed expertise and know-how and invested in the creation of a range of unique products, many of which have been patented: AROMY, the brand-new line of dried vegetables, vegetable teas and decoctions, CHEF AROMY vegetable seasonings, BRODO MIO vegetable broth, and 100% pure and natural ESSENTIAL OIL OF ONION.

TAFLO is a certified organic company (No. IT BIO 015-S15-16/50-1 – Valoritalia), a member of IFEAT (International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades), FIPPO (Italian Federation of Officinal Herb Growers) and ASSOERBE (Italian Association of companies dealing with Medicinal and Aromatic Plants). The company is GLOBAL GAP certified for the cultivation of onions and is a member of the Consortium for the Protection of Verona IGP Radicchio as well as of the Consortium for the Protection of Chioggia IGP Radicchio. TAFLO operates complying with Regulation EC No. 852/2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs and implementation of procedures based on HACCP principles. As for the management of occupational safety and health, TAFLO complies with article 30 of the Italian Legislative Decree No. 81 (9th April 2008) on workplace health and safety.

TAFLO offers a range of premium quality natural ready to use and easy to use products that are suitable for people with food intolerance and for vegans and vegetarians as well. TAFLO’s products have virtually the same nutritional value as fresh vegetables but reduce substantially preparation time and costs when cooking dishes.
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