Dehydrated red radicchio

What we offer is an innovative patented solution to make this great variety of chicory available all the year round. By extending the shelf life of this winter vegetable, it will be possible to enjoy it any time of the year. Using fresh and carefully selected red radicchio we make an easy to use dehydrated product which maintains virtually the same nutritional value and organoleptic properties as fresh radicchio. Aromy® dehydrated red radicchio, available in powder and flakes, can be used to make risotto and other rice or pasta dishes, to season meat and cheese and to prepare jam. It is a ready to use product and doesn’t need to be rehydrated. You can use it directly into the dish you are cooking.

Red radicchio beer

Many breweries in Europe are using dried red radicchio to brew beer. Dehydrated red radicchio gives beer an intense amber red colour and full taste, harmonizing well with hops and malt.


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