Easycook onion

Soc. Agr Taflo s.s. has specialized in the cultivation and production of onions and has developed a brand-new and innovative line of natural food products: EASYCOOK. Taflo produces its own raw materials complying with the GLOBAL GAP regulations and carefully selects the onions used in creating the EASYCOOK products.
Thanks to an innovative patented system, EASYCOOK products contain 40% less water than the fresh vegetables. Water is removed without using chemical substances or heat, so that all the organoleptic characteristics of the fresh product remain unaltered.
EASYCOOK products have four times longer shelf-life than traditional fresh packed products.

Onion cubes and rings

Our onion cubes are ready for use and contain no preservatives. They can be used when preparing sautéed dishes, soups, sauces, meat or bakery products. Available in resealable packs that preserve flavor and freshness or in packs for the food industry (800 g packs, 1 200 g packs, 5 kg bags).

EASYCOOK products are patented.
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