ORGANIC dehydrated vegetables

Our organic dehydrated vegetables for rice, noodles and soups are amazingly versatile products: a few grams of them will make your dishes full of flavour and colour and allow you to create quick and tasty dishes. With our range of ready to use products you will enjoy throughout the year many winter vegetables, such as red radicchio, Savoy cabbage, pumpkin and black kale, or spring vegetables, such as asparagus. To enhance the nutritional value and organoleptic properties of fresh produce, we dehydrate it at very low temperature (25 – 28 °C). Our dried vegetables rehydrate while cooking or just need to be rehydrated in water for some minutes before cooking. 
You can use Aromy dehydrated vegetables to prepare many different recipes, from easy and quick dishes to refined gourmet dishes, such as risotto, noodles, soups, sauces, pureed soups, salads, cakes, quiches, jam and stuffing for fresh pasta.

  • ORGANIC dehydrated red radicchio

This great variety of chicory grown in the Italian region Veneto is one of the most renowned Italian food products and is highly appreciated in cooking for its pleasantly bitter, full-bodied and aromatic taste.

Aromy dehydrated red radicchio is suitable for preparing risotto and other rice or pasta dishes as well as jam.

100% organic dehydrated red radicchio 
  • ORGANIC dehydrated black kale

Black kale is a winter vegetable known since ancient times and grown especially in Tuscany. It is a natural anti-inflammatory vegetable very rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Aromy dehydrated black kale is suitable for preparing soups, broth, pureed soups, potato pies and many other dishes.
100% organic dehydrated black kale
  • ORGANIC dehydrated pumpkin

Pumpkin is an extremely versatile winter vegetable with sweet tasty flesh.

Aromy dehydrated pumpkin is suitable for preparing soups, risotto, stuffing for fresh pasta and cakes. Once rehydrated it is ideal in salads.

100% organic dehydrated pumpkin

  • ORGANIC dehydrated green asparagus

Green asparagus is a spring vegetable widely used in cooking to prepare tasty rice and pasta dishes.

Aromy dehydrated green asparagus is suitable for preparing any kind of dish, especially risotto and sauces for pasta.
100% organic dehydrated green asparagus
  • ORGANIC dehydrated Savoy cabbage

Savoy cabbage is a typical winter vegetable suitable for preparing warm dishes.

Aromy dehydrated Savoy cabbage is a very versatile product that can be used to prepare soups, broth, pureed soups, the well-known Valtellina pizzoccheri and stuffing for fresh pasta. 
100% organic dehydrated Savoy cabbage
  • ORGANIC dehydrated celery

Celery is an aromatic vegetable widely used in cooking and giving off a pleasant aroma when used to prepare soups, broth, meat and fish dishes. It is very rich in mineral salts and has a slightly salty taste. It is therefore a natural and healthier alternative to traditional table salt.

Once rehydrated, Aromy dehydrated celery is suitable for preparing any kind of dish, especially sautéed dishes, bouillon and sauces.  
100% organic dehydrated celery
  • ORGANIC dehydrated carrot

Carrot is an extremely versatile vegetable widely used in cooking to make many different recipes.

Aromy dehydrated carrot is particularly suitable for preparing soups, risotto and cakes. Once rehydrated it is ideal in salads.
100% organic dehydrated carrot