Our company

TAFLO lies in the heart of a flat fertile plain in the North East of Italy, where it is a leader in the production and dehydration of many vegetables, including red radicchio, black kale, pumpkin, celery and other tasty vegetables largely used in the Italian cuisine. The company was founded in 1992 by Ms Lucia Visentin, an agronomist who has always had a passion for the herbal sector and nutrition. Thanks to its deep knowledge of the agri-food sector, our company has been able to combine local productive potential with the capacity for innovation. TAFLO is certified organic (certification body: VALORITALIA) and a member of the Consortiums for the Protection of IGP Radicchio. In addition to organic red radicchio and Chioggia PGI Radicchio we also dehydrate the well-known Treviso PGI Red Radicchio. We carefully select the raw materials that we process and in order to enhance the nutritional value and organoleptic properties of fresh produce, we dehydrate it at very low temperature.