The brand Aromy

The logo we have chosen for our products sums up our philosophy: simplicity and refinement. We invite you to experience an essential cuisine, based on a few elements selected with intelligence, taste and awareness. With AROMY products you can quickly create simple, healthy as well as refined dishes that are rich in taste and color and combine traditional and modern cuisine.
All the AROMY® products are V-labelled (vegan/vegetarian certified) and made exclusively of dehydrated vegetables of Italian origin. They contain no saltno gluten, no lactose and no glutamate. Moreover, they are free from any chemical additives and preservatives, they contain no colouring, no hydrogenated fats, no sulphur dioxide and are GMO-free.
In addition to the packaged products for the retail trade, we produce and supply dehydrated vegetables in bulk to the food industry, wholesalers of food and herbal products and HORECA companies.